Thursday, January 11, 2007

What did I do when I wasn't blogging...

Well, I read and it was good! Last year, I didn't get a whole lot of time to read - in between homeschooling, housekeeping, Mainly Music and church and keeping up with family and friends I was just kept too busy for the fun things like reading a good book. It was nice to spend some long mornings languishing in bed with a good read.

It all started with a Jeffrey Archer book that I managed to grab from Whitcoulls for $10, a major bargain. Especially since I am an avid fan of his books. I have read them all (apart from the non-fiction version of his stay in prison - that didn't interest me so much).

False Impression was a riveting read - I just couldn't put it down! Jeffrey Archer is a fantastic story-teller and you can't wait to find out which paths he will take you on till the books conclusion. After reading one of his books it takes me a day or so to get over it - I feel bereft of the people in the book. You feel such a part of the action - like you are really there! A great read!

Under the Overpass is a book I have been wanting to read for ages, but with a lack of reading time it was put in the "must-do-sometime" pile. Well, with time on my hands and a husband to watch the kids while I read... I finally did it.

Under the Overpass was written by a guy and his friend who decided to take 5 months out to really "live" on the streets of America, something most people don't get to choose. It was an interesting compelling read, making you think about how blessed you really are to have a roof over your head and food on the table, and how we take that for granted most of the time. It made me grateful about what God has provided for me.

Killing Fields Living Fields is a book I have had on my bedside table for a good six months. I have read small portions of it every few days or so. Unlike the other two books above which I read in 1-2 days, this one was much more challenging. Written, as the title suggests, about Cambodia and her difficult history, it is, at times, a harrowing read. It was mind-blowing at times, and I have come away forever changed after reading about what it was like to live under Pol-Pot and the Khmer-Rouge. We have no idea, here in our lovely land of NZ in 2007, what it is like to live under a revolution or in fact genocide. I hope we never do find that out.

This is the book I am currently reading - The Art of Prayer - Conversations with God. It is written in a easily understandable manner and has been revolutionary to the way I view God and prayer.

I will write more about this one when I have finished it...

first post of the year :)

Well, here we are well into the new year (well 11 days into it anyway) and even though I have had access to my computer, I haven't felt at all like blogging - I am thinking it was the extraordinary amount of posts I did for advent. My 2-3 month quota filled in just 25 days...

I really don't like new years resolutions - I hardly ever keep to them and so it seems worthless to even make them, knowing my past history. The funny thing is, at the start of every year I go through feelings of being given a blank slate to start over with. I have grandiose ideas that I could do anything - lose those extra pounds, exercise, eat better etc. I am sure that I can do those things if I put my mind to it, it's just that my mind rarely cooperates. Last year in our little fledgling cell-group we looked at the chazown DVD series which is in a nut shell about living intentionally, with focus and a vision. Based upon the idea that "without a vision (or Chazown) the people perish". So even though I don't like resolutions, heres one anyway - I want to live intentionally. I want to be healthy, and that means I need to take control of my diet and exercise. Eat smaller portions. No pigging out on take-out food. Drink more water.

So HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all out there in Blogger-land, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year! It's never too late to start afresh.