Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mika - Grace Kelly

This is my new favourite "pop" song... I just LUUURVE it! Jonathan thinks he doesn't compare to Freddie, but I think he's better... LOL! Mica rocks!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sesame Street Pinball Cartoon

More memories of my youth to share with my children... :D

Aimee LOVES this one!

The Wombles - Remember You're a Womble

I couldn't resist putting this video on my blog - hehehe! I remember this from my early youth!!!

my visualDNA - kudos to Vania

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Autism Awareness Month (In the States anyway...)

It is Autism Awareness month in the States, and I have found a really cool slide-show about a boy (Teddy Willis) who is 11 and has Aspergers Syndrome. Aimee would like you all to take a look at it, as she says that he feels the same as she does.

The end quote of the slide-show was very moving to me;
"I just want people to treat me better like one of the other normal kids. If many people knew about Autism, then they might think about what the person's good at and not what the person isn't good at" Teddy


Anyhow take a look here.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

easter bunnies 2007

Happy Easter Everyone!

Now, what to do when you need to give an easter gift to children that are food intolerant to all the yummy easter egg's... This year, I decided to get a little creative and make these cute little match-box bunnies, which you can find a how-to on kidscraftweekly. I managed to find some really cool badges for the kid's. A really neat find, I think! And they turned out so awesomely!!!

I hope you all have a blessed time this easter!

:) Hugs to you all!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

YAY for broadband & school hol's!

Yippee! Yes, we finally bit the bullet and got broadband! :D {big HUGE wide grin}

And today is the last day of school before the easter school holidays - 2 weeks of having all my babe's at home. I LOVE it! I miss Aimee so much when she is at school, and this term has been particularly hard for her. She has spent a lot of it extremely stressed-out, with all sorts of new behavioural problems to boot. I know that when she is on holiday ie. having a break from all/most things social she is a different child. So YAY - we will now have 2 whole weeks together.

I am so loving being able to download podcasts and am currently listening to a podcast from Willow Creek Community Church.