Monday, January 21, 2008

vomiting... eeeew!

My middle daughter has been throwing up all morning, I woke up to her trying to be quiet about it in the toilet. So sweet, she didn't want to wake us up!

The poor thing is really HATING it! I'm somewhat annoyed at the parents who took their sick boy to swimming lessons on Saturday - don't they know it's not nice to bring a child who was throwing up an hour before the lesson?!?!! He was half way through the lesson when his dad explained to the instructor why he was swimming slowly... Grrrrr!

I really don't have the stomach for vomit - I think that happened when I was pregnant and throwing up 10 times a day for the entire 9 months! I've done my dash with it!!

So think of me today - my arms around my sick daughter!

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